Salmon Fishcakes

It’s been a while since I blogged a new recipe…what can I say? ¬†Life’s been busy, I’ve barely been cooking for my own family let alone for this blog ūüėÉ ¬†But my life has changed dramatically in the past month and I’m finding a whole lot more spare time which means I’ve been able to […]

Winter is Coming!

Beef Stroganoff Compared to some places, winter in Queensland is mild, but when the weather turns chilly, we still turn to comfort food. Beef Stroganoff has evolved over the years, but started life as a Russian dish sans mushrooms and onions. ¬†Since the first known Beef Stroganoff recipe was published in 1861 in a cookbook […]

Caramel Apple & Almond Crumb Cake

What can I say about this? ¬†It’s got apples, caramel, almonds and crumble – all good comfort food. I love the smell of my kitchen when I am baking anything with apples. ¬†It makes me think of living in the pioneer days, there’s just something about baked apples. I made this cake quite early in […]

Jam Drops, Monte Carlos & Melting Moments

Have you ever woken up with the desire to cook something that you haven’t made for ages? ¬†That happened to me the other day. ¬†I had a catering order and knew I had to make a platter of sweet treats but didn’t want to do the same old stuff. ¬†I woke up with an overwhelming […]