My Whisk List

My Whisk List is sort of like a bucket list – the people I would love to meet, the places I would love to go, the things I would love to eat…you know, that sort of thing.


George, Gary & Matt from Masterchef Australia – after watching them on TV for so long and seeing them (George & Gary) do a live cooking demonstration at the food and wine show, I feel like I know them already!

Adriano Zumbo – would love to do a class with him, his creativity inspires me

Leanne Beck – Chef & Owner of Sweet Infinity oh to be able to creative things like her

Maggie Beer – She has done a lot for Australian local produce and Australian Cuisine

Nigella Lawson – what can I say?


Europe – Having never been out of Australia, I would love to visit all those foodie places i.e. Paris, Tuscany, Greece…ahhh

Melbourne – I have been to Melbourne once, but would dearly love to go back there

Adelaide – Haven’t been to Adelaide, but would love to check it out

Disneyland – don’t laugh, it is a childhood dream


The Press Club




Cafe Sydney 


French Macarons – I would love to taste real ones…to see how mine stack up

Frogs Legs & Snails – just once

Adriano Zumbo’s V8 Cake – this recipe has the longest list of ingredients I have ever seen!  Would love to try it before I attempt to make it


Brownies – living in Australia, I don’t think I am yet to find the perfect brownie recipe…

Death by Chocolate Cake

I am sure I will add to this list!


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